Vista Environmental

At Vista Environmental Limited we pride ourselves on providing a highly professional, discrete and effective pest control service in our day to day business. We work efficiently to leave you pest-free, ensuring your customers and neighbouring properties are unaware of any problems you're business may be experiencing.

Our team understands that pest problems are usually unwanted, indiscriminate or both. The damage they do, can impact on the very hygiene of your business premises and, if left untreated, will at best cause property damage and at worst lead to infestation potentially resulting in a devastating effect on the reputation and future of your company or business.

The presence of pests in food handling, preparation and eating areas is unacceptable. The risks posed by pests include everything from the spread of disease, contamination of work surfaces, foodstuffs and damage to property - the result can often lead to adverse public opinion and loss of reputation leading to prosecution and closure.

Concerns for the environment and the requirements of regulators for improved practices in the industry have meant that new methods to control pests continually have to be devised.

For more information on pest control for business and commerce please contact us.